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LEAD-IN MOVIE (year 2267)

A Call to Arms
A Call to Arms

The Drakh attack Earth and send a plague to kill them in five years. (1/03/1999)


Airing Order (Season title: "")

War Zone
War Zone

The Excalibur sets out on it's mission to find a cure to the Drakh Plague. (6/09/99)

The Long RoadThe Long Road

A mining operation that could save lives on earth is threatened by a technomage. (6/16/99)

The Well of ForeverThe Well of Forever

The Excalibur searches for a mysterious "Well of Forever" in hyperspace. (6/23/99)

The Path of SorrowsThe Path of Sorrows

A strange alien makes the crew reveil a secret of their's. (6/30/99)

Patterns of the SoulPatterns of the Soul

Refugees from Earth are suspected of carrying the Drakh plague offworld. (7/7/99)

Ruling from the TombRuling from the Tomb

A religeous cult indangers a medical conference on the plague. (7/14/99)

The Rules of the GameThe Rules of the Game

The Excalibur visits Babylon 5 in order to secure access to Lorka 7, but the Lorkans have other ideas. Meanwhile Max has a visit from his ex-wife. (7/21/99)

Appearances and Other DeceitsAppearances and Other Deceits

Two specialists come to the Excalibur to redesign the ship. The Excalibur also discovers a mysterious alien ship. (7/28/99)

Racing the NightRacing the Night

The Excalibur searches a world of ruins in the hopes of finding a cure to the Drakh plague. (8/04/99)

The Memory of WarThe Memory of War

Despite Galen's warnings, Gideon and the crew the ruins of a planet that may hold an answer to the cure. As night falls terror ensues and and the planetside crew begin to die one by one. (8/11/99)

The Needs of EarthThe Needs of Earth

Dureena and Gideon go to spring a refugee from Praxis 9 because he may hold useful secrets of the Drakh plague. (8/18/99)

Visitors from Down the StreetVisitors from Down the Street

Two aliens, that are convinced humans have visited their world, are picked up by the Excalibur. (8/25/99)

Each Night I Dream of HomeEach Night I Dream of Home

An injured Lochley is found drifting in space by the Excalibur. The Excalibur is called to Earth to test a baseline for the Drakh Plague. (9/1/99)

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