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Welcome to my Babylon 5 WAV page. I will be putting up a few WAVs each month. These WAVs will be in alphabetical order. Most of my WAVs come from the Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5. Some of the shorter WAVs were made from some of the bigger WAVs from the Down Below site. I made the smaller ones to use on IRC. To join us in using WAVs follow this link: pIRCh.

You can downlowd the WAV by using the SHIFT+LEFT CLICK maneuver. Put the mouse over the WAV link, press SHIFT and LEFT CLICK on your mouse. Also, you can left click on the WAV and listen to it.

If you see any mistakes, go to the bottom of this page and e-mail me.

min:sec = 0:00
01 dthmlbil.wav Delenn -- G'Kar. Under the Centauri, there is at least the hope of survival. With the Shadows there is no hope at all. We had to choose between the death of millions or the death of billions. 208 KB 0:19
02 due_resp.wav Delenn -- Listen to me Captain. You don't know what you're dealing with. The weapons on this ship aren't strong enough to hurt a Shadow vessel of that size. We must find help. We cannot hope to destroy a ship like that alone.

John Sheridan -- With all due respect Ambassador, I've heard that before.

188 KB 0:17
03 dueresp2.wav John Sheridan -- With all due respect Ambassador, I've heard that before. 53.4 KB 0:04
04 dustme.wav Draal -- Hmm. I must remember to dust myself once in a while. 45.8 KB 0:04
05 dyingfor.wav Michael Garibaldi -- I they're looking for something worth dying for because it's easier than finding something worth living for. 51.2 KB 0:04
06 earthaln.wav John Sheridan -- From now on, Earth stands alone. 39.7 KB 0:03
07 elimnarn.wav Londo Mollari -- Ha. Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn homeworld while you're at it? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mr. Morden -- One thing at a time Ambassador. One thing at a time.

93.1 KB 0:08
08 emotnl.wav Emotional Music 290 KB 0:27
09 emprdead.wav Londo Mollari -- The dead.

Centauri Advisors - (gasp)

43.3 KB 0:04
10 endgame.wav Susan Ivanova -- This is endgame. We'll be ok as long as nothing goes wrong. 46.8 KB 0:04
11 endthis.wav Delenn -- End this.

A battle between the Drakh and the Whitestars ends with the Whitestars being victorious.

171 KB 0:15
12 endthis2.wav Delenn -- End this. 13.5 KB 0:01
13 engaged.wav Susan Ivanova -- You're late.

Vir Cotto -- I'm sorry. I was otherwised engaged. Engaged and married as it is. Not that I knew about her.

Susan Ivanova -- You're not making sense.

Vir Cotto -- I imagine I'm not but that's the kind of day I'm having.

119 KB 0:11
14 enmyface.wav Delenn -- That is the face of our enemy. 39.1 KB 0:03
15 everyone.wav Jeffrey Sinclair -- You name it. Sooner or later everyone comes to Babylon 5. 44.3 KB 0:04
16 evilunvr.wav Londo Mollari -- No Vir, the Universe is an evil place but at least it seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. 66.4 KB 0:06
17 exciting.wav Draal -- Exciting, isn't it? 27.8 KB 0:02
18 expanding.wav Susan Ivanova -- All my life I've fought against imperialism. Now suddenly, I am the expanding Russian Frontier.

Steven Franklin -- But with very nice borders.

80.4 KB 0:07
19 explain.wav Michael Garibaldi -- Wanna explain that sir? 19.6 KB 0:01
20 extinc.wav G'Kar -- Then all our races stand on the edge of extinction. 43.9 KB 0:04
21 eye4eye.wav Michael Garibaldi -- Oh, I'm an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kinda guy Ambassador.

Delenn -- So you support a system that would leave everyone blind and toothless.

Michael Garibaldi -- Not everyone. Just the bad guys.

117 KB 0:10
22 eyepluck.wav Mr. Morden -- My associates may turn their eye toward your homeworld.

Londo Mollari -- Then we shall pluck it out.

58.5 KB 0:05
23 far2mfun.wav Susan Ivanova -- You're having far to much fun at my expence. 31.4 KB 0:02
24 fascsrus.wav Elizabeth Lochley -- You're wanted on a variety of charges by the Psi-Corps!

John Sheridan -- Also known as fascists R Us.

Elizabeth Lochley -- Granted.

58.6 KB 0:05
25 fashsens.wav Zack Alan -- I mean, no offense, but I've seen Vorlons with more fashion sense. 39.6 KB 0:03
26 fastnzip.wav Michael Garibaldi -- Mind if I ask you a question?

Jeffrey Sinclair -- Sure.

Michael Garibaldi -- Ok, this morning. You're gettin' ready to goto work. You pull on your pants. Do you fasten then zip or zip and then fasten?

79 KB 0:07
27 fcshdwft..wav Marcus Cole -- I'd sooner face an entire Shadow fleet than what just walked passed us. 41.8 KB 0:03
28 fear.wav Disgruntled Worker -- Whadda you See; Now look around! These are chaotic times Captain! I'm simply an instrument of my time. People need to understand fear. Do you understand fear? 200 KB 0:18
29 feelhapy.wav Londo Mollari -- I feel happy. I'd almost forgotten what it was like. Ha ha. 66.5 KB 0:06
30 female.wav Londo Mollari -- Gentlemen, of all things in life, are females not the finest?

G'Kar -- On that Mollari we can at least agree.

107 KB 0:09
31 fiber.wav Alfred Bester -- Mr. Alan seems to be under a great deal of stress. I don't think he's eating right. Make sure he gets enough fiber. That's always important. 107 KB 0:10
32 fight.wav Michael Garibaldi -- Win, lose or draw. This thing is gonna know it was in a fight. 32.6 KB 0:03
33 filerprt.wav ??? -- I'm gonna file a report with your superior officer! 28.1 KB 0:02

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